The people who are making this possible.

In addition to our founding duo, the following people will always hold a special place in the collective Circle of Friends heart: they were the first ones to sign on to the team. This crew did not hesitate when tasked with showing up for an underserved population of youth.

Because of this team right here (plus two others – you know who are), Circle of Friends became a 501(c)(3) during COVID. This group diligently and regularly steps up, volunteering their precious time to ensure progress is being made even amidst a pandemic. They understand that now, more than ever, there is a need for the hope that Circle of Friends brings.

Jenn Davis // Executive Director + Co-Founder (Programming Committee)

Jenn Davis is a gift to this community. You would be hard-pressed to find someone with as big of a heart for children with complex needs as Jenn Davis, which is why parents have wholeheartedly entrusted their children to her care and expertise over the last 20+ years.

Born and raised in Ventura County, Jenn received her undergrad from UC Irvine and then made her way to Eugene to receive her Master’s in Special Education from the University of Oregon.

With extensive experience working with youth (ages birth to ten) with a variety of disabilities, Jenn found her passion in teaching youth with unique mobility, communication, and cognitive challenges. She says: “In the last several years, I have discovered that teaching is not a career of choice, it’s a path that is set before individuals who never accept defeat, who see every possibility, and find the strengths in others.”

Jenn is a Life Skills teach for the Creswell School District and lives in Creswell with her husband and two daughters. When not advocating and teaching, Jenn and her family love to get outside in the sunshine, build legos and puzzles together, and she enjoys painting and reading.

Jenn finds inspiration in Temple Grandin’s quote, “I am different but not less.”


Katie Urhausen // Board President + Co-Founder (Marketing + Development Committees)

Katie Urhausen is one of those ambitious types who always wants to lend a hand. Not one to sit still for long, or to shy away from a challenge, this born and raised Oregonian, University of Oregon graduate, and mom of three has been on a mission to see Circle of Friends come to life. Inspired by her oldest daughter Jovie, who has a severe and undiagnosed syndrome (yet conquers life in spite of it), Katie knows that Circle of Friends is an organization that Lane County desperately needs.

With a background in PR, marketing, and advertising, Katie brings to Circle of Friends experience as the former Creative Director at Oregon Athletics and as the current Creative Director at Deployed Logix – a family business that assists first responders all over the globe through innovative disaster preparedness products.

Always in the mood to be productive or try something new, when Katie isn’t branding product lines or baking cookies for the kids in her life, you might find her teaching a cycle class, buried in a book, spinning some vinyl, or researching “anything that will make me better.”


Luke Lonstron // Board Vice President (Finance Committee)

Luke Lonstron seem to be everyone’s friend, and that’s not a surprise because this straight-shooting, hardworking, social butterfly is always up to something good.

Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, this Marist High School graduate received a B.S. in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Oregon, setting the foundation for his entrepreneurial side to flourish.

Luke’s businesses include Confluence Development (market-rate housing developer), Liberty Housing Group (affordable housing developer catering to low-income and formerly homeless veterans), Lonstron Hospitality Renovations (general contractor specializing in large-scale remodeling projects), and Lonstron Hospitality Group (hospitality development, management, and marketing consultation).

When not managing the heck out of multiple projects, you might find Luke cooking, sailing, woodworking, traveling whenever possible, doing crossword puzzles, and “talking to animals and making terrible music.”

Luke joined the CoF board because, “I value the empowerment of all individuals and believe education, love, dignity, and trust to be the foundational cornerstones of establishing and maintaining that empowerment.”


Callie Barnes // Board Secretary (Marketing + Development Committees)

Callie Barnes is one cool cat. Always calm, collected, and very motivated, this born and raised Portlander made her way to Eugene to study at the University of Oregon where she found herself working for the University of Oregon Football program. After almost a decade of traveling the country for games and hustling under pressure, Callie got to keep her Nikes on as she went back north to take a job at – you guessed it – Nike.

Callie has now been innovating at Nike since 2015, where she currently has the title of Field Sports Product Merchandiser, which basically means she makes everyone on the sidelines look very, very good.

When not traveling the globe for work, you might find Callie hanging with her husband and extended family, taking a spin class, playing with her main man (dog) Bauer, or getting ready to expand her own little team with a daughter due this winter.


Jena Dawes // Board Treasurer (Finance Committee)

Jena Dawes is someone that anyone could use on their team. Jena brings a humble confidence to each scenario and we sure are lucky that she didn’t hesitate when asked to be on our board.

Another Portlander who made her way to Eugene to study at the University of Oregon, this accountant knows her numbers. With experience specializing in governmental audits, individual, corporate and not-for profit tax, as well as working in the private industry, Jena is just the woman to bring balance to the books for Circle of Friends, and let’s just say she really knows her stuff.

In all her spare time (especially in April), Jena enjoys hiking, going on road trips, and doing “just about anything the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer.” Jena is an avid traveler, self-taught cook, and loves to get lost in a good book.


Florien Deurloo // Board Member (Programming Committee)

Florien Deurloo is a Lane County legend when it comes to Early Intervention. She has been an Autism/Behavior Consultant and Early Interventionist/Early Childhood Special Educator with Early Childhood CARES since 1992. Working primarily with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, significant behavior issues, or who are experiencing multiple, complex needs, Florien is certainly a leader and mentor in her field. With extensive experience working with families via home visits, leading parent trainings, coaching, support in community settings, and helping families to connect with community resources, we certainly realize how fortunate we are to have Florien’s expertise on our team.

On top of the already impressive resume, Florien has extensive experience as a classroom teacher of young children impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder, and teaches parents through Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Florien is happily married and has lived in Eugene since 1979.  She has adult twin sons, both of whom got married two years ago. When she’s not fiercely advocating for others, Florien loves to read, bead, and go for walks.

Kate Lonstron // Board Member (Marketing + Development Committees)

Kate Lonstron is one of those people who feels like sunshine. Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, Kate went to Marist High School where she says that the beauty of their mantra “We Are One” stuck with her. She says that everyone deserves to be treated equally – no one is better than the other – and since we’re all in this life together, “let’s make it the best.”

Kate has been with Dutch Bros for nearly a decade and is currently the proud Regional Operator of Dutch Bros Eugene.  Dutch Bros uses coffee as a tool to serve love and build relationships, which is something Kate excels at.

When not hustling for Dutch Bros, Kate loves spending quality time with her family and friends, watching and playing sports, and “bringing genuine happiness to others in this life we get to live.”

She says: “The reason I was thrilled to have the opportunity to join the Circle of Friends board was simple: Every child deserves the best and having the opportunity to be a voice in bringing education, health and happiness to the children in our community is a gift.”

Samuel Kenney // Board Member (Programming Committee)

Samuel Kenney: To know him is to love him.

Samuel Kenney is a certified teacher currently working and residing in Nebraska, but prior to his move to the Midwest, he was the lead teacher of a Life Skills classroom in the Springfield School District. Samuel brings to CoF his knowledge of how to best educate students in need of a higher level of support, including skill development in building independence in activities of daily living (ADLs). 

Samuel has worked with individuals of all ages living with disabilities, from young toddlers to aging adults. Some of Samuel’s past experiences include working for the Autism Society of North Carolina in Asheville, volunteering in India with students with special needs, living and working in a Camphill Farming Community for adults living with disabilities near Philadelphia, and assisting in two Early Childhood CARES classrooms in Eugene.

Samuel completed his undergraduate in fine arts and textile design from the University of Oregon, with an emphasis on therapeutic crafts. He then completed his masters from Pacific University in K-12 Special Education. 

Samuel is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and his love of the great outdoors brought him to Oregon. He enjoys bike touring, camping, hiking, and swimming outside in the summer. During the fall and winter, he enjoys coffee, exercising, crafting, and cooking healthy meals.

Samuel brings lots of enthusiasm to the Circle of Friends mission. He sees the efforts to better support students with high needs as a step of bettering not only the individual who is impacted, but also the larger community. As a teacher, he understands the need for creating opportunities for students to be successful and empowered through appropriate education and community integration.

Butch Baird // Board Member (Finance Committee)

(Bio coming soon.)

Patrick Crawley // Board Member (Finance Committee)

(Bio coming soon.)

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.

Charles Dickens

There is always hope.